Why Choose Us?

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I appreciate that you have many accounting firms in Brampton to choose from. But I would like to take this opportunity to show you how my firm is different and why you should choose us to be your small business accounting firm.

Regulated and Insured – One area that clients overlook when searching for a Brampton accounting firm is the level of safety and security of their private information. You will be pleased to know that Amer Sheikh Accounting & Tax carries Professional Liability insurance and is regulated by the Certified Professional Accountants of Ontario requirements.

Clients should be weary of handing over sensitive information to bookkeeping or accounting firms that are not regulated nor insured. With Amer Sheikh Accounting & Tax you can relax knowing that you are protected.

Direct Contact with the Principal – My clients are assured of getting the right advice the first time and don’t have to worry about getting passed to different staff members as may be the case with other, larger firms. Having direct contact with me ensures that your accounting, tax, consulting and training needs will be looked after by one person.

No Outsourcing – Many medium and large sized accounting firms outsource the work of their clients to bookkeepers and unlicensed accountants. Often times the client doesn’t even realized this. Many of these larger firms will charge you their regular fees, but then outsource the work for less.

My firm has a strict policy of no outsourcing. If special expertise are required for a complex transaction then I would consult a specialist, but this would only happen with your knowledge.

Another advantage of not outsourcing your work is that I have full knowledge of your project without having to contact a third party. This saves you time by getting the answers you need, when you need them.

Broad Range of Experience – Selecting Amer Sheikh Accounting & Tax provides its clients with the benefit of its broad range of experience to tackle the many situations your small business may find itself in. You can rest assured that I will put my over 15 years of experience to work for your small business.

Unique Perspective – Most accounting firms concentrate on providing big ticket service like assurance and auditing. While these are much needed services, my firm specializes in helping small businesses at the grassroots level. My experience has been primarily viewing challenges from the owner’s and manager’s perspective. Being a small business owner myself, I understand the need for cost constraints, cashflow management and profitability. Using the experience that I have accumulated in resolving big business problems, I can help your small business apply those same techniques and principals by tailoring them to fit your needs.

Personalized Service – Everyone’s business situation is unique and there is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ answer. I invest the time to understand the complete picture; where you are and where you want to be and then develop a series of smaller plans to achieve your goals.

Small Firm, Manageable Rates – Because Amer Sheikh Accounting & Tax is a small boutique firm, I am always looking to keep overheads manageable. This ensures that my fees are manageable for you. My rates come with the assurance that I will personally do all the work on time and on budget. Clients should be weary of paying for services that they don’t need at other accounting firm.

It is really a win-win for our clients. You get manageable rates and a professionally qualified and insured accounting firm.

Seamless transition when switching accounting firms – If you are in the process of switching accounting firms, I make it easy for you. If the firm is a fellow CPA Member Firm then there are mechanisms that allow us to request all pertinent information from your former accountant.