Financial Analysis


Having your accounting and bookkeeping records up-to-date is an important part of running your small business in Toronto. However, this is only part of the story. Data alone does not provide you with information that is important to decision making. In order for data to be used for decision making, it must analyzed and organized so that it can be understood. Data analysis transforms data into information. This information then can be used to provide insight.

Amer Sheikh Accounting & Tax provides the insight you need to make decisions that will truly help you improve your bottom line.

An example of analysis I provide is the development of key monthly reports such as a Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statement. These reports highlight areas where is an opportunity for improved profitability. These are basic reports and analysis that every business needs – if your business doesn’t have these then you are missing out on valuable information. I also provide more complex analysis that involves looking for patterns in the numbers by conducting ratio analysis.

Financial Analysis is usually part of the accounting and bookkeeping services I provide, but can also be purchased as part of my consulting service if you require one time anaylsis for a specific purpose.

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