Decision Support


There are times where you need to make a major decision about your business. These decisions do not neccesarily affect the day-to-day operations but the impact is more broad in scope. You may be operating a home-based business but you want to expand operations and running the business from home is no longer ideal; you may want explore the option of renting a space for your business.

Major decisions like these require careful analysis. As a business owner you may not have the time or the expertise to gather the information required to make an informed decision. My Decision Support service is desgined to provide all the information for you, saving you time and aggrevation.

My approach involves the gathering all the important information, organizing it so that it is easily understood. I provide you with pros and cons of the course of action you are considering, the financial and non-financial implications, as well as how other stakeholders will be affected. I can also provide alternatives that you may not have considered and then recommend the best course of actions is. Armed with a complete picture, you will be well prepared to make the decision that is right for you.

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